Privacy policy

We consider it our duty to keep your data confidential. We collect, store and use your personal data in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

This Privacy Policy supplements the Terms and Conditions and is an integral part of them. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, you conclude an agreement with us, within the framework of which we process your personal data.

This Privacy Policy contains information about how and what data we receive and for what purpose we use it. Please read it carefully before continuing to use the Website. By visiting our Website, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy and agree to its terms.

1. General provisions

1.1 This Privacy Policy (hereinafter – the “Policy”) in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, including the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data” dated June 01, 2010 No. 2297-VI or other applicable law, is applicable to the Users of the Website, establishes the procedure for receiving, collecting, accumulating, storing, processing, using, ensuring the protection and disclosure of personal data (hereinafter – “Data”) of the Site Users.

1.2 Data means any information related directly or indirectly to the User. For example: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, region of residence, ip-address, data on the devices used by the User (computer, browser type, operating system of the mobile device), messages (information contained in the correspondence between Users with each other , as well as in correspondence with the Site Administration), other communication information, which, at the request of the User, is provided by him by placing an order on the Website, writing a message and / or feedback, or information obtained through oral communication between Users and the Website Administration.

1.3 The processing of Personal Data means any action with Data, including: access, provision, distribution, collection, systematization, storage, accumulation, recording, transfer, blocking, deletion, clarification, updating and / or change and other ways of using.

1.4 The Data Controller is the Administration of the Website

1.5 The User, by placing an order on the Website, at the same time entering his personal data and / or providing this data in another way, and / or performing any actions within the Website agrees with the provisions of this Policy and gives the Wesite Administration, as well as third parties who provide services, in particular, but not exclusively, deliver services, permission to process their Data.

1.6 Users can provide Data on their own by posting it on the Website or by communicating via telephone channels and / or to the electronic and / or postal address of ADAMARIS, or Data can be provided from other sources, for example, User reviews (ratings, comments, confirmation of information) or other information from third parties provided in the course of filing claims, complaints and / or dispute resolution, and / or information from publicly available sources on the Internet.

1.7 The User has no right to use the Website if he does not agree with the terms of this Policy.

2. What personal data can be collected

2.1 ADAMARIS may collect the following Data:

– name, surname, date of birth, gender, address of the User, contact numbers, e-mail address, other communication data at the request of the User;

– Data necessary to provide services to users of the site, communication with Users, including when the User contacts the Website support service;

– information that Users provide when concluding contracts for the provision of services by accepting the Terms and Conditions posted on the Website and / or concluding an agreement for the provision of additional services on the Website;

– information necessary for the implementation of communications between the Website Users, including for receiving and sending messages, posting reviews, comments;

– information about the device in use: the information provided by the device in use may differ depending on the device type and device settings. This information includes the type of device used, the IP address of the device, the browser used, the communication service provider (for mobile devices), the pages visited, time zone, country and location, as well as reports of crashes and loading errors;

– data obtained as a result of various surveys conducted by the website and / or third authorized persons, related to improving the provision of the service to Users; information received by the Site Administration as a result of marketing activities;

– information posted by Users based on the results of their service, reviews, comments, requests to the support service, complaints, claims and other requests.

– Cookies are small pieces of data sent by a web server to a web browser, allowing the server to authenticate the browser on every page. Cookies increase the efficiency and improve the terms of use of the Website. This information may include data about your location or language preferences, which will be saved when you re-enter the site, or about the products you like. We use cookies to collect information and store your shopping preferences.

3. Use and purposes of data processing

3.1 The Website administration uses and processes Data for the purposes of:

– implementation of the assigned functions, powers and duties in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as ensuring the implementation of civil, economic and tax relations;

– to identify the client as a User of the site, in order to communicate with Users, including for the provision of services, reporting, maintaining accounting and management records, creating and implementing bonus programs, loyalty programs, sending mailings by mail, e-mail, to the number mobile phone, including for the purpose of sending commercial offers, notifications about promotions and news from ADAMARIS, improving the quality of services, forming ratings, analyzing the activity of Users, analyzing and predicting the preferences, interests of Users; conducting research and analytical activities, as well as ensuring that Users comply with the Terms of Cooperation.

3.2 The Website administration does not process Data related to race, nationality, political views, religious and other beliefs, membership in public associations. Information that characterizes the physiological characteristics of the Users, on the basis of which it is possible to establish his identity is not processed.

3.3 The terms of processing and storage of the Data are determined based on the purposes of processing the Data in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

4. Terms of providing access to the Data

4.1 Disclosure of Data is made when the User orders goods / services on the Website to seller / supplier of such goods, services, but only to the extent necessary to identify the User and order.

4.2 In some cases, in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Website and improve the image of the Website, the Administration may disclose the statistics of the Users’ sites, without disclosing personal data and information that is a trade secret.

4.3 If the Website contains links to other web resources, the effect of this Policy when the Users navigate such web resources does not apply.

4.4 ADAMARIS processes the Data on a legal basis:

Data is not disclosed to third parties and is not distributed without the consent of the User, except for cases provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine and only in the interests of national security, economic welfare and human rights, in particular, but not exclusively:

– upon justified requests of state bodies having the right to demand and receive such data;

– in the case that, in the opinion of the Website Administration, the User violates the terms of this Policy and the provisions of the Terms of Cooperation.

4.5 The Website administration reserves the right, in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, to exchange Data with state authorities in order to: prevent fraud, resolve disputes and clarify circumstances that may / cause a violation of current legislation, as well as if the Website Administration detects illegal actions of Users and / or receiving claims, complaints, requests from third parties.

5. How to change / delete Data or revoke consent

5.1 Users at any time can change / delete personal information or unsubscribe, or withdraw their consent to the processing of Data by sending a notification to the email address:

5.2 After receiving such notification, the processing of the User’s Data will be terminated, and his Data will be deleted, unless such processing may be necessary in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

6. Data Protection

6.1 The Website administration, when processing the Data, takes all the necessary technical, organizational, legal measures to protect the Data from unauthorized access to such Data, including changes, deletion, provision, distribution, as well as other illegal actions.

6.2 ADAMARIS monitors security measures taken on an ongoing basis.


7.1 ADAMARIS reserves the right to change the terms of this Policy at any time. In this case, the updated version will be posted on the main page of the site. If the User does not agree with the changes, he undertakes to immediately stop any interaction with the site.

7.2 The Website administration is not responsible for damage or losses incurred by the User or third parties as a result of an erroneous understanding or misunderstanding of the terms of this Policy.

7.3 In the case that any provision of this Policy, including any proposal, paragraph or part thereof, is recognized as contrary to the current legislation of Ukraine or other applicable law, or invalid, this will not affect the remaining provisions, they remain fully in force and continue to apply.

7.4 The terminology used in this Policy has the same meaning as in the Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise specified.